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John Bowles
Associate Professor
African American art
Feminist and critical race theory

Christoph Brachmann
Mary H. Cain Distinguished Professor
European Art 1100-1650, European Architecture
Bust portrait of Maggie Cao
Maggie Cao
David G. Frey Assistant Professor
American Art

Kathryn Desplanque
Kathryn Desplanque
Assistant Professor
18th and 19th Century European Art

Eduardo Douglas
Associate Professor
Art and Architecture of Latin America
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Undergraduate Advisor and Honors Advisor for Art History

Cary Levine
Associate Professor
Contemporary Art

Carol Magee
Associate Professor
Department Chair
African art
Critical and post-colonial theory
Affiliated Faculty, Curriculum in International and Area Studies

Victoria L. Rovine
Co-director of African Studies
Adjunct Faculty, Department of African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
African Art
Textiles, Clothing, and Colonial History

Daniel Sherman
Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Art History and History
European Art 1850-1960
Critical Museum Studies
Cultural History and Theory

Bust portrait of Tania C String standing in front of the Naval College in Greenwich, United Kingdom
Tatiana C. String
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies for Art History
European Art, 1400-1700
Masculinity and Gender Studies

Dorothy Hoogland Verkerk
Associate Professor
Late Antiquity, Carolingian, Celtic Cultures

Lyneise Williams
Associate Professor
Latin American Art
Black Atlantic, French Atlantic, and Decolonization Studies
Museum Studies

Photograph of JJ Bauer, a white woman with shoulder length straight dark blond hair, wearing glasses and a grey short-sleeved top and standing in front of a bookcase
JJ Bauer
Visual Resources Curator
Teaching Assistant Professor

Adjunct Faculty

Carolyn Allmendinger
Director of Academic Programs, Ackland Art Museum
Ross Barrett
Department of History of Art and Architecture, Boston University
Dana Cowen
Sheldon Peck Curator For European And American Art Before 1950, Ackland Art Museum

Bernard L. Herman
George Tindall Professor of American Studies
Elizabeth Manekin
Head of University Programs and Academic Projects, Ackland Art Museum
Professor of the Practice
Hérica Valladares
Department of Classics

Faculty Emeritus

Mary Sturgeon