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Through a generous gift to the UNC Arts and Sciences Foundation, William G. Rand established this lecture series in memory of his late wife, Bettie Allison Rand. This funding allows the Department of Art and Art History to bring one or more eminent art historians to UNC-CH every other year for residencies of various lengths. While they are in Chapel Hill, these scholars present a series of lectures and interact with undergraduate and graduate art history and studio art students. Following the campus visit, the scholars prepare a manuscript, which is then published by the UNC Press as part of the Rand Series of art history publications.

Published Books include:

The Intelligence of Art by Thomas Crow
Inventing the Renaissance Putto by Charles Dempsey
Inventions of the Studio, Renaissance to Romanticism, edited by Michael Cole and Mary Pardo
Myths of Venice. The Figuration of a State by David Rosand
Painterly Enlightenment: The Art of Franz Anton Maulbertsch, 1724-1796 by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
Vision, Reflection and Desire in Western Painting by David Summers
Victims and Villains in Vasari’s Lives by Andrew Ladis
Cultural Contact and the Making of European Art since the Age of Exploration, edited by Mary D. Sheriff
David to Delacroix: The Rise of Romantic Mythology by Dorothy Johnson
Arrayed in Splendor: Art, Fashion, and Textiles in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, edited by Christoph Brachmann

Recent Rand Lectures

APRIL 2023: Negotiating Blackness in Early Modern European Art Theory

Anne Lafont, Directrice d’etudes (Professor), École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris

Zirwat Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Art History, UCLA

Mia Bagneris, Associate Professor, Art History, Tulane University

Hector Reyes, Associate Professor of Teaching, Art History, USC

MARCH and APRIL 2021: The Designs of Nature: Form, Matter, and the Making of Art in Early Modern Europe

Rebecca Zorach, Northwestern University

“The Artificious Fire: Nature as Creator in Medieval and Early Modern Europe”
“Rocks and Stones and Trees”
“Of Math and Monsters: Nature’s Intentions and Nature’s Play”
“Signs on the Shore: Art, Nature, and the Human”

2018: Taking Exception: Women, Gender, Representation in the Eighteenth Century

A Symposium in Honor of Mary D. Sheriff

2017: The Force of Images in Fifteenth-Century Italy: Andrea Mantegna

Stephen J. Campbell, Johns Hopkins University

“Seeing in detail: the lost logic of 15th-century painting”
“St. Zeno’s Gaze: The Altarpiece as Place/Portal/Screen”
“Painting, Writing, and Presence”
“Painting as Object and Meta-object”

Spring 2016: British Landscape Painting in the Age of Revolution: Romanticism, Naturalism, and the Decline of Deference

Andrew Hemingway, Professor Emeritus of Art History at University College London

“Naturalistic Landscape Painting and the Decline of Deference”
“The Artisanal Worldview in the Paintings of John Crome”
“Constable’s Meanings: Iconography and the Aesthetic”
“The Field of Waterloo Exposed: Turner, Byron, and the Politics of Reaction”

Spring 2015: Encounters in European Art, 1300-1850

“A Tale of Two Cities: Manuel Chrysoloras’ account of Rome and New Rome,” Paroma Chatterjee, University of Michigan

“Activating the Past: Pietro de Zorzi’s Maria Orans in San Marco, Venice,” Benjamin Paul, Rutgers University

“The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the Life of Mexico City,” Barbara E. Mundy, Fordham University

“Sensorial Luxuries, Botanical Fantasies, and Global Exchange: The Porcelain Room at Aranjuez,” Tara Zanardi, Hunter College

“The East Indian Cries of London,” Zirwat Chowdhury, Reed College

“History Repeats Itself in Jean-Léon Gérôme’s Reception of the Siamese Ambassadors at Fontainebleau,” Meredith Martin, New York University

An endowment established in 1983 through the generosity of Nancy and Robin Hanes supports the Art Department’s Visiting Artist  Series. This important program brings both established and emerging artists to campus to discuss their work in public lectures and to offer individual critiques to our M.F.A. students.  The Hanes Visiting Artist series greatly enriches both our academic programs and our outreach to the wider community.  All lectures are free and open to the public.

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2023-2024
9/7/2023: Soni Kum
10/5/2023: Devan Shimoyama
11/16/2023: Sandra Monterroso
2/8/2024: John Hitchcock
2/29/2024: Marianne Vitale
4/4/2024: Stan Douglas

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2022-2023
8/25/2022: Alexis Rockman
9/20/2022: Ezra Wube
10/3/2022: Samuel Fosso, in connection with the Click! Photography Festival
10/27/2022: Astria Suparak
2/16/2023: Alex Da Corte
3/23/2020: Abigail DeVille

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2021-2022
9/23/2021: Jiha Moon. You can watch a recording of Jiha’s talk.
10/14/2021: Abraham Oghobase (in conjunction with an Allcott Gallery exhibition)
4/2/2022: Stephanie Syjuco

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2020-2021
9/24/2020: Antoine Williams (MFA alumnus) and Carmen Neely of the NC Black Artists for Liberation
10/8/2020: Lauren Frances Adams (BFA alumna) and Zoë Charlton: You can now watch a Zoom recording of Lauren and Zoë’s talk
2/8/2021: Maria Gaspar, Huong Ngo, and Anna Martine Whitehead: You can watch a Zoom recording of Maria, Huong, and Anna Martine’s talk
3/4/2021: Carla Gannis, Lajune McMillian, and Rachel Rossin: You can  watch a Zoom recording of Carla, Lajune, and Rachel’s talk
4/22/2021: Eto Otitigbe: You can watch a Zoom recording of Eto’s talk

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2019-2020
10/10/2019: Yong Soon Min
10/29/2019: Bo Jacobs (in conjunction with Allcott Gallery exhibition Nuclear Visions)
11/14/2019: Mary Mattingly
12/3/2019: Trevor Paglen (rescheduled from 4/16/2019)
2/4/2020: Maya Gurantz
3/5/2020: Rachael Rakes

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2018-2019

9/25/2018: Tiffany Chung
10/11/2018: Joel Sternfeld
11/13/2018: Dawn Dedeaux
2/28/2019: Aily Nash (NOTE: This is taking place at Morehead Planetarium in collaboration with the Cosmic Rays Film Festival)
3/21/2019: Angela Kelly
4/16/2019: Trevor Paglen

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2017-2018
9/12/2017: Peter Williams
10/5/2017: Sonya Clark
11/14/2017: Marc Handelman
2/6/2018: Ruba Katrib
3/6/2018: Noah Fischer
4/2/2018: Lisa Oppenheim

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2016-2017
9/20/2016: Craig Smith
10/4/2016: Edra Soto
10/25/2016: Rob Swainston
2/21/2017: Tim Portlock
3/28/2017: Becky Brown

Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture Series 2015-2016
9/29/2015: Laura Splan
10/13/2015: Farrah Karapetian
10/27/2015: Lucy Raven
2/9/2016: Edgar Arceneaux

Hanes Visiting Artists: A Selection prior to 2015

Laylah Ali
Ghada Amer
Janine Antoni
Radcliffe Bailey
Iona Rozeal Brown
Mel Chin
William Christenberry
Robert Colescott
Lauren Cornell
Lalla Essaydi
Kevin Everson
Howard Finster
Chitra Ganesh
Guillermo Gomez-Pena & Roberto Sifentes
Emmet Gowin
Julie Heffernan
Alfredo Jaar
Anton Kannemeyer
Mary Kelly
Kerry James Marshall
Virgil Marti
Trinh T. Minh-ha
Shana Moulton
Wangechi Mutu
Huong Ngo
Thomas Nozkowski
Cathy Opie
Arthur Ou
Clifford Owens
Betye, Alison, & Lezley Saar
Doris Salcedo
Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens
Raymond Saunders
Italo Scanga
Dread Scott
Dana Schutz
Sandy Skoglund
Kiki Smith
Haim Steinbach
Hank Willis Thomas
James Turrell
Sam Van Aken
Jeff Wall
Carrie Mae Weems
William Wegman
Fred Wilson

The Art History faculty host an occasional lecture series featuring Departmental colleagues, Triangle-based University scholars, and Fellows of the National Center for the Humanities, inviting them to share their works in progress. The schedule for Fall 2023 is as follows:

10/26/2023: Julia Lum, Scripps College

11/2/2023: Stella Nair, UCLA

Made possible by a generous gift, the McLeod and Mildred Riggins Lectureship in Art provides funding for annual lectures in art history. Lecturers are chosen by art history faculty and graduate students. Particular attention is given to art history graduate program alumni who are mid-career. The Riggins Lecturer is now the keynote speaker for the annual ASGO Symposium. Recent speakers have included:

  • 2020:  Hannah Ryan, St. Olaf College in Minnesota
  • 2019: Peter Chametzky, University of South Carolina
  • 2018: Ila Sheren, Washington University in Saint Louis
  • 2017: Hannah Feldman, Northwestern University
  • 2016: Christa Clarke, Newark Museum
  • 2015: Edward S. Cooke, Jr., Yale University
  • 2011: Leisa Rundquist, University of North Carolina at Asheville