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ARTH 950: Coming to our senses: art history in motion

Instructor: Magee | M 2:30 PM – 5:10 PM | HAC 118

This seminar explores how the way in which we move impacts our experience and interpretation of art. It does so through a variety of interdisciplinary readings, particular case studies of artworks, and actual movement activities based in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic EducationĀ®. The course builds through a series of specific sensory lenses, asking questions such as: When and where do you look at art? Are you aware of your body when you do so? In what ways? How do you move through a museum to look at a work of art? How do you stand or sit when you arrive at what you want to see? How does that impact your experience of that artwork? Does the space of the museum or the environment in which you encounter art itself impact your experience? How do, or should, you account for these things when you are interpreting the work? How do you move? What sounds are you aware of? How is touch implicated in these processes? How so you sit, stand, hold your phone, look at your computer, flip through your social media accounts to look at art? Each student will pursue a research project that is grounded in her or his own field of study (period of interest) but that examines it through the framework of the themes of this seminar.

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