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General Questions?

Don’t know who you need to talk to? Send your questions to

Department Business Officer & Manager
C. Lindsay Fulenwider
101F Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-0723

Accounting Technician
Abigail Brooks Wright
101B Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-2016

Office Assistant
Devon (Vonnie) Smith
101 Hanes Art Center
(919) 843-2625

Questions about Student Programs, Classes, Registration?

Student Services Specialist
David Rashidi
101A Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-0724

Director of Graduate Studies for Studio Art
Hồng-Ân Trương
Hanes Art Center

Director of Graduate Studies for Art History
Tania C. String
Hanes Art Center

Director of Undergraduate Studies and Advisor for Studio Art
Mario Marzan
113 E Art Lab
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Director of Undergraduate Studies and Advisor for Art History
Eduardo Douglas
111 Hanes Art Center

Questions about Departmental Resources?

Art Lab Manager
Avery Newton
Art Lab
(919) 962-5594

Multi-Media Technician
Christopher Moses
Digital Art Lab (Hanes Art Center)
(919) 962-2496

Visual Arts Specialist (Printmaking Lab Photography/Darkrooms)
Mark Soderstrom
315 Hanes Art Center

Visual Resources Curator
JJ Bauer
209 Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-3034

Looking for a Particular Member of the Faculty?

Interim Department Chair
Jeff Spinner-Halev
Kenan Eminent Professor of Political Ethics
101A Hanes Art Center
(919) 962-0720

Art History Faculty

Studio Art Faculty