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The ARTS course schedule will be posted shortly. Please check back later. In the mean time, use ConnectCarolina’s “class search” function to look up ARTS course listings. 

Wave 1 Enrollment Restrictions (Oct 25-Nov 4)

  • Enrollment is restricted to Studio Art Majors with an active enrollment appointment.
  • Wait listing not available

Wave 2 Enrollment Restrictions (Nov 8-Nov 18)

  • Enrollment is restricted to Studio Art Majors and Studio Art Minors with an active enrollment appointment.
  • Wait listing is available from this page beginning 11/8. 

Enrollment restrictions end November 19th.

Please visit this page to learn more about arranging an Independent Study with a member of the Studio Art faculty.

Due to limited classroom space and high demand, only declared Studio Art Majors and Minors are permitted to enroll in Studio Art (ARTS) courses during the initial registration period– no exceptions. Enrollment dates for Studio Art Majors, Studio Art Minors, other majors, and non-degree seeking students will be advertised just before open enrollment begins. Major and Minor enrollment restrictions do not apply to the following types of ARTS courses: Honors, Carolina Courses Online, or First-Year Seminars.

Unfortunately, ARTS courses cannot be audited by current students or members of the community. This is due to the participatory nature of studio courses, limited classroom space and resources, and potential safety hazards associated with overcrowding. Prospective art class auditors are encouraged to audit Art History courses with instructor consent.