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Associate Professor Mary Pardo earned her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh, concentrating on Art Criticism and Theory of the Italian Renaissance. Throughout her career, she has been continuously intrigued by word and image relationships, a theme that has influenced many of her academic projects, including her current study of relations between images of love, and art in religious worship during the Renaissance. She has also found this theme to be especially fruitful in a broader scope when used as groundwork for the study and teaching of world art in undergraduate, first year seminars.

Teaching is an essential aspect of Dr. Pardo’s career as her pedagogical aim is to learn from her students as well as to instruct. Her courses attempt to provide themes which serve as venues for sharing and learning. Courses taught in the past by Dr. Pardo range from those centered on specific artists, themes of Civic Art in Italian Renaissance centers, and Practice and Theory themes which focus on art-making techniques and the theories surrounding them.

Among the topics Dr. Pardo has written on, Venetian art and culture have been explored in several ways including the comparison of poetry and painting in connection with the Venetian Renaissance. She has also published on the topic of the art and theory of Leonardo da Vinci.