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Positive Signs, Minoo Emami, 2021
The newest additions to the Alumni Sculpture Garden: Positive Signs, Minoo Emami, 2021
Lashayla Stephens, Liquid Sunshine, 2021
Lashayla Stephens, Liquid Sunshine, 2021
Savannah Midgette, Hope and Resiliency, 2022
Savannah Midgette, Hope and Resiliency, 2022

Through a generous endowment established by Lawrence J. Goldrich (UNC-CH ’57), the department showcases temporary installations of sculpture by students and alumni on the University grounds. A departmental committee manages the endowment. Undergraduate and graduate artworks are chosen through open competitions. Artists receive an honorarium.

Online giving to the Alumni Sculpture Garden is easy and secure. To make your gift, go to our CAS Donation Page and search for “Alumni Sculpture Garden Endowment Fund (100919)” under Top Funds.

For more information about the recent Alumni Sculpture Garden sponsored installation, “Plant Waves” by Alyssa Miserendino, you can go to the Plant Waves website.

Past Sculpture Garden Artists:

Carrie Alter
Anne Gregory-Bepler
Angela Britt
Julie Dougherty
Mace Drouillard
Severn Eaton
Heidi Fasnaght
Brian Fitz
Ron Fondow
Jason Frank
Michael Hall
Robert Howard
Marc Leuthold
Val Martinez
Rob Nielson
Jeff Rentschler
A. Brett Reif
Jeromy Rose
Catherine Ross
Beth Sales and Jonathan Jacquet
Mike Salter
James Skalman
Shane Charles Smith
Laura Snoderly
David Solow
Kyle Sirman
Lyde Zavaleta

John and June Allcott

The John and June Allcott Gallery has a three-tiered mission: (1) to exhibit the work of professional artists, (2) to exhibit faculty work, and (3) to provide exhibition opportunities for students. A faculty committee plans and manages the gallery exhibitions with the help of Graduate Assistants. Assistants take part in all facets of the gallery’s operations. Created through a generous gift from the Allcott family, the Gallery is named for former Art Department Chair, John Allcott, and his wife, artist June Allcott. Find more information about current exhibitions on our Events Page.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not take unsolicited exhibitions for the John and June Allcott Gallery.

Fall 2023 John and June Allcott Gallery Exhibition Schedule:

Past exhibiting professional artists include:

In addition to the June and John Allcott Gallery, the department has created the John and June Allcott Undergraduate Gallery. The gallery is dedicated to exhibitions planned and mounted by undergraduate studio art students. It also hosts the Undergraduate Awards Exhibition each Spring.

What is the SAMple Gallery?

Opened in 2013, the SAMple Gallery is a student-run alternative art space dedicated to expanding UNC at Chapel Hill’s art sceneWe present multidisciplinary art and ideas and provide a space for emerging artists (in the broadest sense) to exhibit their work. SAMple Gallery emphasizes risk and experimentation through the art of curation. We takes our responsibility as a vanguard of culture seriously.
We promote collaboration and encourage support and communication within and beyond the department. Our events showcase art and facilitate the exposure of student work outside of the classroom setting. We also want to foster a discussion of what the role of art is at a university.

Regular Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday           8am – 5pm