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Letter from the Department to the Board of Trustees regarding denial of tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones

Departmental Statement Calling for the Removal of Silent Sam

From a strong central core in the traditional practices of making and interpreting art, the faculty and students at UNC move out in innovative and personal directions. As a department, we are small enough to work closely with our students and to guide them in developing an individual voice, and diverse enough to offer a variety of choices in materials and methods. We cultivate exchange between the studio art and art history areas and offer maximum flexibility within our individual programs. We invite our studio art students to work in different media and across the various disciplines. We encourage art history students to develop connections with other fields of inquiry and to intertwine historical analysis with theoretical speculation.

UNC at Chapel Hill is located in a progressive, forward thinking area of the Southeast, with an active cultural and intellectual life.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Department of Art

Hanes Art Center
115 South Columbia Street
CB# 3405
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3405

Phone: 919/962-2015
Fax: 919/962-0722

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