Alumna Jessica Dupuis in Group Show at Nicole Longnecker Gallery

One of Nicole Longnecker Gallery’s commitments is to introduce young collectors, artists and curators as part of their “Giving Back Through Art” program. The gallery opens their doors for the inaugural exhibit from an exciting young guest curator Scarlett Taylor: a group exhibition “The Charm of the Spectacle” showing works by artists: Celan Bouillette, Darcy Rosenberger and Jessica Dupuis. In this exhibit, the artists open a window through their work that encourages the viewer to explore an inner spiritual world.


On view until September 5, 2015

Alumni Gesche Wurfel and Antoine Williams in upcoming exhibition at Greensboro College

Gesche Wurfel and Antoine Williams will show work in the exhibition “Art + Dialogue: Responding to Racial Tension in America (A + D)”. The opening is on September 24, 6-8pm and the show runs September 24 – October 11, 2015 at Greensboro College, and is a collaborative project intended to bring community together using a visual art exhibition as the catalyst for dialogues around racial tension in America. A charged topic,  A + D aspires to make the issue of race and racial tensions more tangible to its audiences and participants and to promote greater understanding of different perspectives and experiences. The A + D partners include the African American Atelier, Center for Visual Artists, Greenhill, Guilford Native American Art Gallery and NCCJ, all working in concert to execute a call for North Carolina artists to exhibit work dealing with predefined themes that set the framework for Dialogue Sessions. Artist selection led by Greenhill, along with visual art partners, and guided a panel of nationally and internationally recognized artist jurors.

New edition of Beth Grabowski’s Printmaking: A Complete Guide out in English and Spanish

Second Edition of my book is out!  Printmaking, a Complete Guide to Materials and Processes.  Published by Laurence King of London, released by Chronicle Books in the US.  Spanish edition distributed by Blume Publishers


The first edition is also available in French, German, Polish, and Chinese.

This fully updated edition includes expanded chapters on digital and mixed media processes, and a brand new ‘Print & Make’ chapter, which explores the opportunities for creative expression within the many processes available to print makers. The more traditional techniques of relief, intaglio, collograph, lithography, screen printing and monoprint have also been refreshed with the addition of new images showing a broader range of subject matter, including more contemporary prints and international artists.

Each technique is explored from the development of the printing or digital matrix, through the different stages of creation to image output. Guidance on how to set up a print studio, sections on troubleshooting techniques and the inclusion of up-to-date lists of suppliers, workshops and galleries make this an essential volume for beginner and experienced printmakers alike.

elin o’Hara slavick awarded Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship

Congratulations to Professor elin o’Hara slavick on being awarded the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellowship for this fall, 2015 to continue her research in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima.


Some of her most recent images from that work are in a solo show up until August 29, 2015 – Seventy Year Old Shadows of Hiroshima – at Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. The show opened on Hiroshima Day, August 6. You can read more about the show in Crave here: The work was also featured in the online journal The Volta: and then was reprinted in the Asia Pacific Journal:

Alumnus Jason Osborne in Group Show at The Journal Gallery

The Journal Gallery is pleased to present “Freedom Culture,” a group exhibition curated by Graham Collins.

Although the show’s organization began by focusing on two primary groups of work—text paintings, and what the curator refers to as figurative sculpture—the sculpture category is loose in definition, expanding to include a wide range of sculptural work which act as a foil for the text-driven wall works. The lines between the two groups are intentionally blurred, questioning the defining separation between painting and sculpture. The rigid geometry of painting becomes subdued among more poetic forms situated within the gallery space. A small group of photographs by artists typically associated with other mediums, adds an additional voice to the dialogue.

The exhibition outlines different modes of communication, exploring the way information can be abstracted and how contrasting forms come together to form a dialogue.


The Journal Gallery  106 North 1st Street   Brooklyn  NY 11249
Telephone +1 718 218 7148
Freedom Culture
Curated by Graham Collins
Jul 1 – Aug 8  2015

Alumna Carolyn Goodridge in group show at Art Rave DC

A Taste of the Caribbean

Celebrating National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, June 2015







































St. Georges Cathedral, Merlene Ellis (Guyana)

“A Taste of the Caribbean”

In Celebration of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Greetings Jim,

You are invited to this international art exhibition happening this weekend, Sunday June 14th from 3pm to 6pm – Art Rave DC, 651 Florida Ave NW, Washington DC 20001 (off Georgia Ave. NW)

Art Impact USA is collaborating with Art Rave DC and the Institute for Caribbean Studies to produce an artists’ showcase during the Caribbean American Heritage Month – June 2015.  This is our way of paying special tribute to our participating artists!  We would greatly appreciate your sharing this information with all of your friends and colleagues!

The exhibit runs for two weeks, Saturday, June 14 through Wednesday, July 1st.  The opening reception will be held on Sunday, June 14th, 3-6pm.  In addition, there will be an outdoor closing celebration on Saturday, June 27th at Art Rave DC at DuPont, corner of P & 15th Streets NW, Washington, DC.

To see a preview of the artwork  CLICK HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Warmest regards,

Carolyn Goodridge
Art Impact USA

Special thanks to our sponsors:
The Institute for Caribbean Studies and Caribbean Cargo DC

Copyright © 2015 Harmony Global Enterprises, Inc., All rights reserved.

UPDATE: Alumnus Severn Eaton WINNER for Goat Farm Arts Center FIELD EXPERIMENT

The Hambidge Center | The Goat Farm Arts Center

A public action project in Atlanta that aims to uncover truths and ignite new thinking.

Coming through radio waves across Atlanta this 2015/16 will be the winner of FIELD EXPERIMENT – JAM-D-JAM! a project by Mel Chin and Severn Eaton (EMCs). JAM-D-JAM! is an interactive response to a contemporary dilemma shared by all Atlantans, rush hour congestion throughout the city. This radio based interactive entertainment intervention will invite participants to use these crawling and stalling moments to contribute to an ever-changing soundscape. Calling in from vehicles, commuters’ unscripted words or noises of frustration, boredom, aggression, anxiety or happiness will be transformed into continual musical invention and looped back to the traffic, the public, the performers through their radios. EMCs will be working with a diverse set of Atlanta music makers and producers to collaborate in the live sampling of these highly improvisational recordings as the composed sound is transmitted back into cars during daily traffic jams. The JAM-D-JAM! “beta” concept was presented at the Annual Hambidge Auction at the Goat Farm Arts Center on Saturday, May 30th and was available for public view at The Goat Farm Arts Center from Monday June 1st until Friday June 5th.

The JAM-D-JAM! team will be awarded $20,000, a two week Hambidge residency, and administration and production support. The final project will be realized in fall 2015.

The EMCs said, “We are grateful to be selected and are excited to have the opportunity to create music with the entire city of Atlanta (of course, only those stuck in traffic).  This will be an interactive experiment that pushes the creativity of producers, performers, and broadcast radio.  Currently the plan is to showcase a different local musical talent in the station each week responding to incoming calls.  We look forward to transforming the state of mind we find ourselves in all too often. “

In announcing the winning project,  Jamie Badoud, Executive Director of The Hambidge Center and co-sponsor of the project with The Goat Farm, said, “ Just months ago, we invited submissions for FIELD EXPERIMENT with the goal of developing a rare vehicle powered by extraordinary ideas driving the wrong way down the streets of Atlanta uncovering truths and igniting new thinking.  Five Finalists put forward a wide range of powerful and ambitious projects that all deserve to be presented. JAM-D-JAM emerged from this gridlock of talent with their call to all of us.“

“Chin & Eaton give typical art characterizations the slip with JAM-D-JAM” said Anthony Harper, co-owner of The Goat Farm. “It’s both hysterical & intelligent. Chin’s practice is no stranger to looking after people that are getting shafted. I’m excited to see them become our patron saints of traffic congestion.”

Watch EMCs present their project in this video:

EMCs podcast interview:

Project Development:

>>The website will chronicle the development of JAM-D-JAM! including project updates, narrative content, multi-media and engagement opportunities.<<

The Hambidge Center | The Goat Farm Arts Center

A public action project in Atlanta that aims to uncover truths and ignite new thinking.
Atlanta, GA/ March 5th, 2015 – The Goat Farm and Hambidge are thrilled to announce the 5 finalists for FIELD EXPERIMENT. Selected from 130 applications received from 44 cities, 21 states, and 5 countries including Germany, Canada, Spain, US and the UK. The proposals included experimentations in the natural sciences & applied sciences, new media, movement, sound based work, transportation, architecture & design computation, music composition, participatory interventions, 2D & 3D visual art, large scale puppetry & materials engineering. We are grateful and encouraged by the answer to our call and urge those applicants to continue their pursuit to uncover truths and ignite new thinking.

The 5 finalists are:
Jeffrey Collins, Envelope, Atlanta GA
Mel Chin & Severn Eaton, Jam-­‐D-­‐Jam!, Asheville NC
Micah & Whitney Stansell, Inversion (with land), College Park GA
Mark Wentzel, Flow Field(s), Atlanta GA
Kris Pilcher, Kevin Byrd, & Dale Adams, The Dream Collection Agency, Atlanta GA

The 5 finalists will each receive $2,000 to complete a concept of their projects for display at the
annual Hambidge Auction at The Goat Farm Arts Center on May 30th, 2015. This will conclude
Phase 01 of FIELD EXPERIMENT. Phase 02 commences with the selection of the winning project,
announced June 5th 2015. The winner will be awarded $20,000, a two week Hambidge
residency, and administration and production support. The final project will be realized in Fall

Hambidge’s Executive Director, Jamie Badoud remarked, “The pool of submissions was
incredible. It is clear that many of our most creative minds are hungry to experiment and
engage the public in exciting new ways. From physicists, performers, and storytellers to urban
gardeners, programmers, and a wide variety of artists, the applicants brought forward powerful
and complex ideas executed with layers of grit, grace, humor, analytics, subversion, and
surprise. It was a tall task to narrow to five, but we are excited to put into action the dynamic
visions of our finalists.

Goat Farm’s Anthony Harper stated, “These days technology is quantifying all and putting our
lives in order. We need more unreasonable things happening in life. It’s good to explore
concepts that may not exercise caution. I think we forget how this friction can teach us things.
We wanted Field Experiment to bring us something unconventional. It achieved that goal.”
“The sheer volume, diversity, and creativity of the ideas and concepts proposed to FIELD
EXPERIMENT are a testament to the pervasive yearning for large-­‐scale experimentation in the
public sphere. I like to dream of a time when all 130 of these ideas become reality. Atlanta
would be a more open, beautiful, curious, aware, and socially connected city”, says Mark
DiNatale of The Goat Farm Arts Center.

5 Finalists Project Details

Jeffrey Collins / Envelope >> Site-­‐specific architectural enhancements to mundane buildings
and spaces in Atlanta. Buildings are planned and built to be anywhere. Therein, important
factors of history, locality and place are in danger of being lost. This project offers an
opportunity to reexamine the history & current identity of our city through the faces of its
buildings using custom mass-­‐produced parts that are adjusted passively by the environment –
the place. Collins will be working with GA Tech University’s School of Architecture, the Digital
Fabrication Lab and a cross-­‐disciplinary team of students. Envelope will take something
ordinary, everyday and passed-­‐by and, with thoughiulness and experimentation, turn it into
something unexpected, useful and beautiful.<<

Mel Chin & Severn Eaton (EMC’s) / Jam-­‐D-­‐Jam! >> A response to a contemporary dilemma
shared by all Atlantans, rush hour congestion throughout the city. This radio based interactive
entertainment intervention will invite participants to use these moments to contribute to an
ever-­‐changing soundscape. Calling in from their vehicles, their unscripted words or noises of
frustration, boredom, aggression or anxiety will be transformed into musical invention & looped
back to the traffic, the public, the performers. EMC’s will be working with a diverse set of
Atlanta music makers and producers to collaborate in sampling these unpredictable

Micah & Whitney Stansell / Inversion (with land) >> A multi-­‐story, multi-­‐location projection
project that grows in scale, run-­‐time and complexity, this project invites people to explore the
communities and histories of different areas of the city. The content for each story will be mined
from the location where it is to be projected. The stories will be simple, open & experimental.
Filmed from a unique aerial perspective moving from the city scale to the human scale using a
heavy-­‐lim remote drone that Stansell’s team built from the ground up. The project will
culminate in a fourth location that wraps the built environment in narrative. All four stories will
weave together, producing a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This project,
introspective & anthropological in nature, will provide an inverted view of Atlanta’s sprawl,
moving from broad to narrow, focusing in on the human elements of the city. The aleatory form
of storytelling will guide Stansell’s team towards collaborations with participating poets &
musicians depending on the content captured. <<

Mark Wentzel / Flow Field(s) >> A large-­‐scale application of a grid panern and vector fields,
this installation will use a panern of laminar flow to consider the human experience of moving
through time and space. Scientific discovery is increasingly pointing toward an understanding of
both time and space as fluid; altered by things such as memory, mass, consciousness, and
distance. As technology persistently invades our time and redefines our space we may begin to
feel an increasing insecurity about our connection to ourselves and the natural world. Flow
Fields creates a massive Cartesian landscape within Freedom Park with the simple concept of
direction as a tool for self-­‐contextualizing and psychological mooring. Flow Field(s) emerged
through ongoing collaborations between Wentzel and Dr. Joel Kimmons, a scientist at the CDC.
Their current focus is in the area of behavioral design, work that has a continuous effect on the
direction of this project. <<

Kris Pilcher, Kevin Byrd, and Dale Adams / The Dream Collec]on Agency >> The Dream
Collection Agency (DCA) is a corporate entity designed to collect, document, and recycle
dreams. The Agency solicits public dream donations via an online Dream Depository and an in-­‐
store collection laboratory. Dream donations are cataloged and recreated in three dimensional
digital environments using cufng edge 21st century Oculus Rim VR technology. Visitors to the
storefront collection laboratory are invited to experience these documented dreams in a safe
and secure virtual reality environment under the watchful eye of professionally trained Dream
Technicians. “As virtual reality and other technologies become more widespread in the near
future, we would like to begin discussing the implications of existing in both a physical & digital
reality and at which point will we allow our hopes, dreams, and ambitions to become nothing
more than a computer simulation. We would like to find out if this digital experience &
corporatization cheapens or enhances our naturally occurring mental visions.” – DCA<<

May-­‐June, 2015 Phase 01 projects presented at the Goat Farm Arts Center
June 5th, 2015 Announcement of Final winner
Fall 2015 Phase 02, winning project presented in Atlanta

Project Development:
>>The website will chronicle the development of the FIELD EXPERIMENT finalists’ projects
including project updates, narrative content, multi-­‐media and engagement opportunities.<<

The Goat Farm is a Creative Industrial Complex in West Midtown Atlanta. Our model, designed
to anract a dense collection of forward-­‐thinking ventures, has re-­‐positioned an unproductive
19th century factory into one of Atlanta’s largest Centers for vanguard fields, contemporary
thought, art & performance.

The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts & Sciences – For over ti0 years, the non-­‐profit
organization has awarded residency fellowships to distinguished artists and scientists at our
600-­‐acre creative sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The public is invited to the historic
campus on Saturdays for a series of rotating programs that include artist talks, nature hikes,
gristmill visits, gallery openings and other special events. The Center is funded in part by the
Fulton County Commission under the guidance of the Fulton County Arts & Culture, the Georgia
Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly, and the
National Endowment for the Arts.

Jamie Badoud
Teresa Reeves
Anthony Harper
Ben Goldman
Mark DiNatale

Media Contact:
Scon Daughtridge Email: Phone: 770.826.6691
& Stephanie Dowda Email: Phone: 404.791.2738