Fall 2018

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ARTH 971 (aka CLAR 910): Seminar in Renaissance Art
Topic: Paragons: Image and Text in Antiquity and the Renaissance. This seminar explores the relationship between ancient literature and criticism and ancient and Renaissance art and art criticism, from Virgil, Horace and Ovid, Cicero and Pliny to Petrarch, Boccaccio, Alberti, and Vasari, from Apelles to Titian.

ARTH 984: Seminar in Contemporary Art
Topic: Art and Technology. This seminar will explore the intersections of art and emergent technologies. Focusing on specific theoretical models, cultural analyses, artists, and artworks, we will examine the multifaceted relationships between technology, culture, and art, and the implicit and explicit politics of such relationships. We will explore the ways in which technological development has affected perception, subjectivity, social thought, activism, critique, and the shifting conceptions of art, artist, viewer, and artistic practice.

ARTH 987: African American Art
Scholars of African American art are increasingly redefining the field in terms of the broader African diaspora.  What does it mean to study diaspora culture?  How does diaspora culture interact with globalization?  How have artists approached the question of diaspora?  This seminar is designed for students new to the topic and for those who took my previous seminar on the topic.  We will explore a range of theories of diaspora, black internationalism, and globalization, including the work of Stuart Hall, Paul Gilroy, Kobena Mercer, Jacqueline Francis, Tobias Wofford, and Huey Copeland and Krista Thompson, including their theory of “Afrotropes.”