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In the case of an emergency situation on campus at UNC-CH, please follow all instructions from the Alert Carolina system. Other information can be found through the links below:

Carolina Ready:

Alert Carolina:

Active Assailant:

Adverse Weather:

In the case of an on-campus emergency, The Daily Tarheel and WRAL are useful places for reliable local news.

If an Armed Intruder Alert is Issued

  • Secure inside a classroom/office (ideally behind a locked door with limited glass exposure).
  • Close blinds and turn off the lights
  • Keep occupants low to the ground until the situation has ended.
  • Keep all occupants indoors and wait for the “All Clear” from Campus Police (through Alert Carolina) before resuming normal activity.

Use Good Judgment

  • The circumstances and environment at specific locations vary, so exercising independent judgment and discretion, in the interest of safety for you and those around you, remains an understood and necessary option.
  • There are possible risks associated with whatever decision you make during these situations.
  • Personal safety should be the first consideration of building occupants when taking actions to assist others during an active assailant situation.  Furthermore, building occupants are not required (and, during extremely volatile situations, not encouraged) to assist those seeking refuge in their building/office/classroom with gaining access.
  • If you choose to allow someone into your building/office/classroom, have them:
    • leave anything they are carrying outside
    • lift up their shirt, coat, and/or jacket until the waistline is visible and rotate 360 degrees to see if they are concealing a weapon.