Jonathan E. Sharpe, an alumnus of UNC-CH, established this award. Only students currently receiving financial aid through the Office of Scholarship and Student Aid are eligible for this award, as it is intended to allow a studio art major to undertake work that would not be financially possible using only the student aid allowance for supplies. According to University policy, however, the funding may be automatically applied to payment of outstanding bills, loans, or to replace direct aid grants. Students wishing to receive this award in addition to existing aid should make an appointment with the Office of Scholarship and Student Aid ( with a proposal for a spring project with a detailed budget. Awards are made for a minimum of $500.


2006:  Jennifer L. Parker, Jennifer Elaine Werming, Jessica Rae Theriault
2005:  Jessica Largent, Kristin Pasley, Ellie Snow
2004:  Lindsey Britt, William Harmon, Ginny Lam
2003:  Jennifer Acree, Lindsey Britt, Molly Campbell, Claire-Elisabeth Hartman, Deborah Koling, Lindsay Pichaske, Brad Rolen
2002:  Lauren Adams, Lindsey Britt, Claire-Elisabeth Hartman, Camellia Dawn, Morton, Brad Rolen,  Jennifer Acree, Rebecca Crouch, Lily Bertram, Catalina Garreton, Maura Garcia, Meredith Neville
2001:  Kwong Li, Jennifer Sabo, Alana Gettman, Camellia Morton, Christopher Holt, Autumn-Grace Dougherty, Kieshawn Kearney, Christopher Wretman, John Baxter
1999:  Huong Ngo,  Theresa McKeand, Daniel Shelverton
1998:  Eric C. Bishop, Robert L. Chapell, Jack H. Edinger, Keilayn Skutvik
1996:  Sarah Beddingfield, Jermain Moody, Teresa Maria Finch, Anthony Cervino