This fund is named in honor of former UNC studio art senior painting professor George Kachergis and his wife, Joyce Kachergis. George Kachergis joined the art faculty in 1949 and taught in the Art Department until his death in 1974. Mr. Kachergis was a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago and exhibited his work extensively. His paintings were included in Annual exhibitions at the Pennsylvania Academy, the Art Institute of Chicago, The Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Painting at The Whitney Museum of American Art as well as the American Watercolors, Drawings and Prints Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


This fund began in an initiative led by Professor Marvin Saltzman, who established an annual faculty and student art auction to raise money for scholarships. The students and faculty subsequently named the fund in honor of Professor Kachergis, and it has grown through generous donations, rather than through art auctions. Award recipients are selected by a student-designated panel. Students applying for this award should not be receiving University loans or financial aid. Up to three awards are made, and although amounts vary, none is less than $400.


2006:  Jody Cedzidlo, Michael Jerch
2005:  Courtney Kotsionis, Yulianna Ponce de Leon, Estie E. Saunders
2004:  Alexis Adams, Michelle Bercovici, Kristin Robinson
2003:  Alexis Adams, Meredith Lipscomb, Elizabeth Reynolds
2002:  Jonathan Baxter, Leigh Suggs, Angela Salamanca, Ed Spooner, Shane McCormick
2001:  Kat Parker, Lauren Adams, Jessica Lindsay
1999:  Emily Clarke-Pearson, Emily Krueger, Stacey Kirby
1998:  Paul Bardinas, Angela N. Britt, Timothy J. Sigmon
1996:  Jennifer Ramsey, Babatola Oguntoyinbo, Jason Frank