Assistant Professor

Marzan’s work explores the shifting, changing and constantly evolving negotiation of geographical spaces in relation to individual and cultural identities and histories. From depictions of vast geographic locations and notions of national identity to the intimate rooms of a house under construction, his work seeks to map transient spaces as fluid sites of exchange. Through references to the hurricanes that often plague islands and shape the architecture and landscape, Marzan’s work explores ideas of deconstruction and reconstruction as means by which to interpret cultures from the Caribbean, Gulf Basin and US South.

Mario Marzan was born and raised in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. In addition to keeping an active studio practice, Marzan is an Assistant Professor at UNC-CH, where he teaches a wide range of courses within the Painting and Drawing curriculum, including mentoring MFA students. He is also on the advisory board for the UNC-Chapel Hill Latina/o Studies Program. Marzan received his MFA degree in Studio Art at Carnegie Mellon (PA) and his BFA degree from Bowling Green State University (OH).