Location: 301Hanes Art Center
Contact: Beth Grabowski
306 Hanes Art Center

The Printmaking Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill is located on the third floor of the Hanes Art Center building. The lab is wonderfully spacious, with 3325-square feet of open lab space a specialty darkroom, acid room, and storage areas. With a 133-foot north-facing wall of glass overlooking the rooftops of Chapel Hill, the print shop is one of “the best rooms in the house” providing ambient workspace for a variety of printmaking processes. The print lab is open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to undergraduates enrolled in print courses and to all graduate students who have gone through an orientation to the facility.

As a dimension of the UNC-CH M.F.A. program, the print lab supports work in all traditional and many experimental and new-technology print processes, including intaglio (etching and engraving), relief (wood and linoleum), lithography (stone, plate and waterless), silkscreen, collagraph, photo processes including photo collagraph, photo lithograph, photo intaglio, Toray, and solar plates.

In addition to the facilities within the print lab itself, graduate students have access to a small wood shop in the basement of the Hanes Art center for cutting and shaping boards for relief work. The Digital Lab is also accessible to graduate students for developing digital transparencies and elements to use in print. The nearby Beasley Multimedia Center in the Johnson Center for Academic Excellence allows less digitally- experienced students to work in a staffed environment with the most current technology available.

M.F.A. students with a printmaking emphasis typically have studios at the Hanes Art Center. The studios are private or semi-private spaces ranging from 150- to 200-square feet. All UNC Department of Art facilities (photography, digital, sculpture-wood and metal, and ceramics) are open to graduate students with proper orientation. Undergraduate printmaking courses are taught by print faculty in intaglio, relief, silkscreen, and lithography, with rotating special topics classes in photo-printmaking, book arts, and monoprint, as well as conceptually-organized courses in topics such as narrative structures. All students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for interdisciplinary activities offered by the Department of Art and other UNC-CH departments.

Print Media Faculty:

Beth Grabowski

Printmaking Facilities