Location: 108 Airport Drive
Contact: Patrick Day, Art Lab Manager

The 17,686-square foot Art Lab is located 1.8 miles north of the Hanes Art Center and houses the majority of the department’s sculpture facilities, including a fully-equipped tool room and complete metalworking, woodworking, and ceramic shops with both electric and pneumatic capabilities. Equipment and space also provide students with opportunities to work in other processes including, but not limited to, resins, fiberglass, stone, plaster, rubber, wax, and neon. Graduate student and faculty studios at the Art Lab range in size from 280 to 656 square feet. The facility also includes a 615-square foot “clean room” for photographing and displaying artwork, a spray paint room, a critique room, a tool room, and a 1,962- square foot dock.

The Art Lab houses six graduate-student studios, each of which is 480- to 580-square feet. Students are assigned to studios based on the space requirements of their work and class standing (second-year students generally having priority over first-year students). Two of the MFA studios are located within the metal shop, one is in the ceramics studio, and the other three are in the main hallway. There are also six faculty studios in the Art Lab, as well as a private studio for the visiting Artist-in- Residence. All studios are heated, and those on the north side of the building are air-conditioned.

Tool Room
The tool room is the hub for all activities in the Art Lab. This room is centrally located between the wood and metal shops and houses all hand-held equipment, safety gear, and miscellaneous hardware for all shops. The tool room also houses a computer for research and communication available to students whenever the tool room is open.

The main ceramic studio is 1,181-square feet with a maximum ceiling height of 22 feet. This area houses the glazing chemicals, scales, mixing, and other equipment. Adjacent to the main studio are a 192-square foot glaze-mixing room and two 186-square foot rooms used for mixing clay bodies, slip molding, and other ceramic-related needs. Storage is available in thirty-six 21″ x 21″ storage cubbies within the studio and in the cage outside.

Metal Shop
The 1,212-square foot metal shop has 22-foot ceilings, four movable “elephant nose” ventilation hoses, and a roof- mounted exhaust system for removal of toxic fumes. The facility also houses two permanent welding areas, a brazing area, and several tables for laying out. It is adjacent to the dock, where students can access a forging/ fabrication area.

Wood Shop
The spacious wood shop facility covers 1,383-square feet and has a 22-foot ceiling. Ventilation is provided through a roof-mounted exhaust fan and dust-collection hoses connected to other equipment. There are three 8′ x 3′ wood-working tables with vises, two racks, and eight shelves.