The program in Studio Art at UNC-Chapel Hill encourages the development of technical skills and a personal creative vision. Through study of the visual arts, students learn how to find creative solutions to problems and how to express their individuality. Studio Art majors are also encouraged to become critically aware and dedicated to their passion for art-making. Through their course work, students develop a sense of their future career potential and of professional standards in the visual arts.

The Studio Art faculty emphasize craftsmanship and the acquisition of the technical skills students will need to express their visual ideas. The faculty also encourages students to take advantage of the many resources offered by UNC-Chapel Hill as they cultivate their intellectual curiosity and develop a broad base of knowledge to inform their work.

The Studio Art program comprises one half of the UNC-Chapel Hill Department of Art and enjoys the collaboration of an art history faculty with a rich array of research interests. Members of the art history faculty frequently serve on M.F.A. thesis committees.

Faculty positions

Faculty openings in the UNC Art department are listed and can be applied for via the UNC Faculty Recruitment System. Simply select “Art” in the Department field to see open positions.