As we imagine our future, we envision a department that maintains excellence, improves programs, and offers the best to our students and faculty. Some departmental needs change from year to year. Some years we look for funds to bus our undergraduate survey classes of 200 plus students to the North Carolina Museum of Art. There is nothing like a direct encounter with the masters to whet a student’s appetite! Many of our best and brightest come to the department from our introductory level classes. Other years we look for funding to take our art majors to national museums, exhibitions or even conferences. We need additional graduate student support to continue to recruit the best applicants into our programs. Every so often a kiln breaks and we need to replace it; and it seems that technology changes by the day, and we are always running to keep up to date.

We would like to have a foundry for our sculpture program, and the faculty to staff it. We badly need to endow our artist-in-residence program. To keep our faculty at the cutting edge of research requires funds for travel to archives, libraries, and museums; money to equip studios, and most importantly faculty fellowships. We dream of an expanded Allcott Gallery with a full-time curator and funding to mount even more impressive exhibits. Such a gallery would greatly enhance our undergraduate and graduate curricula. We want to develop a museum studies program that would benefit institutions around the state by producing outstanding museum professionals. And North Carolina Creates needs your support!

If you are interested in supporting the Department of Art, we will work with you to make your gift meaningful to you and your family, as well as to our students and faculty. We pledge to be good stewards of your gift and to preserve it for future generations. We believe that together we can make a difference!