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Hanes Visiting Artist Lecture: The Farm, Graphic Design by David Reinfurt (alumnus)

January 20, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

In conjunction with an exhibition in the John and June Allcott Gallery, 8-30 January 2015, Opening reception after the lecture


i just sorted out my plane tickets for january. this is way overdue, but i’ve been thinking in the meantime and i know the space well-enough. it looks mostly unchanged from my time at UNC.

it occurred to me that a starting place for the show is my first piece of graphic design. this happens to be in chapel hill and happens to be *still in use* — it’s the logo for THE FARM. i’m pretty certain you know THE FARM, but in case, i mean the unc faculty-staff recreation association swim and tennis club.

i was born and raised in chapel hill and i grew up at THE FARM, spending large chunks of my youth playing tennis (a lot of tennis) and swimming there. My family had been members since my parents were in graduate school in the mid-1960s, my sister was a lifeguard, and so on. in 1992, a contest was staged by THE FARM to come up with a new logo, and this seemed to me like a useful exercise to assign myself as i tried to figure out what graphic design is.

the logo now is the one i designed originally in 1992. i was a junior at UNC, knew more or less nothing about graphic design or about art, and had spent my first couple of years in college dipping my finger into lots of different pots, including studio art and journalism, but also statistics, computer programming, and public policy.

i designed the logo in the summer of 1992 while i was interning for bill clinton’s ad agency in little rock, arkansas. (he was running for his first presidential term.) obviously it has been some years since then and THE FARM still uses the logo, although its context (now) is quite different.

so i’d think this logo would be a kind of zero-hour thing, perhaps cut in vinyl and mounted to the glass front door of the gallery. inside, i’d arrange a series of tables to show a smattering of works that address how things change in the guise of graphic design. i’ve made a lot of work with this idea in the intervening years and it continues to interest me how marks are made in the world, and then, things change around them.

looking at this picture of THE FARM sign that i took this summer, it reminds me that of course THE FARM is hardly still a farm, the sign was once a tree, and my daughter, eden, was nowhere near when the slight graphics hanging above her head were invented.

looking forward to getting into details,


The Farm

An endowment established in 1983 through the generosity of Nancy and Robin Hanes supports the Art Department’s Visiting Artist Series. This important program brings both established and emerging artists to campus to discuss their work in public lectures and to offer individual critiques to our M.F.A. students.  The Hanes Visiting Artist series greatly enriches both our academic programs and our outreach to the wider community.  All lectures are free and open to the public.


January 20, 2015
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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