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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The BA degree is intended to expose the undergraduate student to a broad range of studio art ideas and practices. Students should choose this degree option if they are seeking a general liberal arts education. It is also the preferred degree option when seeking a double major. Co-majors are frequent in communication studies, journalism (design track), biology, drama (costume and set design), psychology (art therapy), and any field augmented by visual arts study. In fact, whatever discipline you might choose to pursue, whether the arts, humanities or sciences, medicine, or law, success will depend on two abilities: the ability to find creative solutions to problems and the ability to express individuality. Art, by its very nature, gives these skills to those who study the discipline.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The BFA is considered the pre-professional course of study, providing a more in-depth experience of visual concept and practice. Students intending to pursue further study in visual arts disciplines (master of fine arts, design fields, or architecture) should choose this degree option. Students considering the BFA degree are advised to contact the undergraduate advisor for studio art during the freshman year and no later than the sophomore year.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with Art History Emphasis (BFA-AH)

The bachelor of fine arts with art history emphasis degree was established to allow students to pursue concentrated study in both studio art and art history. Basically, it represents a double major of studio art and art history. Unique to UNC-Chapel Hill, this degree has been well received for students wishing to pursue graduate study in fields that demand knowledge in both history and practice, such as curatorial studies, museum studies, or education. Students pursuing this degree are advised by the director of undergraduate studies for both studio art and art history. Students interested in this degree should contact both advisors no later than the sophomore year.

Note: All Foundations, Approaches, and Connections requirements [GB1] must be satisfied. Because of the increased number of Department of Art hours required for the BFA and BFA/AH degree, these students are not required to complete the Supplemental General Education requirements. Students should be aware that courses taken in the Art Department beyond the total credits outlined in the major will not count toward graduation.


For current degree requirements for the BA, BFA, BFA-AH and Studio Art minor degrees, please consult the online catalog.

Note that some of these requirements may be slightly different for current students depending on individual student’s requirement term (when you enrolled at Carolina and/or declared the major/minor).  Current studio Art majors and minors can download appropriate worksheet pdf’s on the Art Majors’ Sakai site.

If you have questions or desire more information, you may wish to attend one of our information sessions for current and prospective majors and minors (usually twice per year before the registration period opens and before the Studio Open House on the 2nd Friday in November.) Contact the Student Services Administrator for these dates.  If you have questions needing a more immediate answer or additional needs consult the appropriate faculty or staff listed below.

Student Services Administrator: Info session dates, general questions, access to Art Majors Sakai site, current degree worksheets, prospective student tours of facilities

Undergraduate Advisor for Studio Art:  Current major/minor advising, Tar Heel Tracker adjustments

Director of Undergraduate Studies for Studio Art:  Information about Studio Art at UNC for for prospective students and prospective majors or minors, policy questions regarding the undergraduate curriculum in Studio Art, portfolio reviews.

You can find current faculty and staff contact information here.