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The department affirms the University’s conviction that study abroad should be an integral part of higher education. It diversifies liberal education in ways not possible on the home campus. By offering students the chance to live and to study in a foreign setting, study abroad extends their intellectual horizons. It encourages them to become more self-reliant, empathetic, and sensitive to other cultures. Such experiences have the potential to make students more open, thoughtful, and competitive in the world.
As artists and art historians, we realize that the once insular art world has become far more international in scope. We recognize the advantage of studying works of art firsthand. We would like all students to have that experience. Our faculty is a diverse one with interests in cultures and countries around the globe. We thus understand the life-altering experience that study abroad can provide. We encourage students to consider studying in the various programs offered by the University’s Study Abroad Office. We also urge students to explore opportunities to travel abroad provided by the Burch Fellows program, the Frances I. Phillips Travel Scholarship and the Department’s Allcott Travel Award.
The University expects each study abroad program to meet its high academic standards and to integrate into the curriculum. It accepts the responsibility to coordinate among relevant academic and administrative units on and off campus. Currently, the department has affiliations with the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and in Florence, Italy, the Lorenzo de Medici Institute and SACI: Studio Arts College International. We continue to work to expand our affiliations and to increase the study abroad opportunities for our students.

Faculty-led programs:

Being a Pilgrim: Art, Ritual and Landscapes of the Camino de Santiago — Summer (Mario Marzan and Roxana Perez-Mendez)