Majors in the Department of Art who have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher, and who wish to undertake a special program of independent research resulting in an Honors Thesis, should apply for admission to the Honors Program in Art History.

The Honors Thesis, once approved by the candidate’s Honors Committee, qualifies the student to graduate “with honors” or “with highest honors.”

Procedures for Honors Enrollment

1. The applicant must meet with the Departmental Honors Advisor during the Fall semester of the Junior year. The Departmental Honors Advisor will clarify details of eligibility and program requirements. At this time, with the advice and assistance of the Departmental Honors Advisor, a prospective Project Supervisor and prospective committee members may be approached, to help the applicant formulate a research project.

2. The deadline for applying for Honors candidacy for is March 1 annually. Applicants must submit to the Undergraduate Committee in Art History a two-page research prospectus with a preliminary bibliography and relevant illustrations. They will be informed of their acceptance by within two weeks.

3. No later than March 15, candidates accepted to Honors in Art History will identify two other committee members. Their signatures must be officially secured before April 1. The applicant must have the same Project Supervisor throughout both semesters of the entire project. Students admitted to Departmental Honors must secure their Project Supervisor’s and committee members’ participation in March of their Junior year. A copy of this Honors Announcement must be provided to each member of the committee. 

4. The applicant must register for ARTH 691H (offered in the Fall of the Senior year) and ARTH 692H (offered in the Spring). December graduates will reverse the order of the semesters, signing up in the Fall for ARTH 691H (offered in the Spring). Students taking ARTH 691H will earn a grade of “SP.” At the conclusion of the program, those taking ARTH 692H will receive a letter grade, and the prior “SP” grade in ARTH 691H will also be converted to a letter grade.

Procedures for Completing Honors in Art History

1. Before the student can register for ARTH 691H in the Spring semester of the Junior year, the Departmental Honors Advisor and the Student Services Assistant must each be provided with a copy of the signed Permission to Form Thesis Committee document (this document for recording the names and signatures of committee members may be downloaded from the Art Department Majors Sakai site—see the “Senior Honors/Art History” link). The deadline for submission of the signed Permission to Form Thesis Committee document is April 1. The Departmental Honors Advisor authorizes the Honors candidate’s registration.

2. In ARTH 691H, the honors candidate will 1) do specialized reading in a chosen field of research, 2) formulate a specific project, and 3) complete the research on this project and begin writing the thesis. At the end of the semester there will be informal presentations of research findings to the assembled Honors students and faculty.

3. In ARTH 692H, the honors candidate will finish writing, and defend orally an interpretative essay of a length appropriate to the scope of the project.

4. For the deadlines for the thesis and oral defense, please consult the Honors Carolina website for the current academic year, available from the Art Department Majors Blackboard site. Honors candidates will submit a complete draft of the thesis to their committee by no later than two weeks before the oral defense. The last date available for an oral defense is one week before the Honors Carolina submission date. The candidate’s entire committee must participate in the oral defense.

5. For the thesis, style and format should follow those recommended in one of the standard style manuals: the MLA style sheet or (preferably) the University of Chicago Manual of Style.  The style should be consistent with good research in the particular subject area and approved by the student’s Project Supervisor.  Students should note the 1 1/4″ left-hand margin required by Wilson Library, where one copy of the Honors Thesis will eventually be deposited.

6. The oral defense will be completed no later than one week before the deadline set by Honors Carolina for Departmental Honors recommendations. Immediately following the oral defense, the appropriate letter grade for ARTH 691H and 692H will be assigned to the student by the Project Supervisor, and must be submitted to the Departmental Student Services Assistant—together with the Honors recommendation (Honors, High Honors, or No Honors). Two copies (one for each copy of the thesis) of the signed title page of the Honors Thesis must be turned in to the Departmental Student Services Assistant. The title page for each copy of the Honors Thesis must be signed by all three members of the student’s Honors Committee. Following the oral defense, the Student Services Assistant will verify the relevant information with the Honors Advisor, who will convey to the Undergraduate Honors Office the appropriate recommendations. By semester’s end, the Honors Advisor will enter the student’s grades in the official grade forms.

7. Occasionally a student will elect to withdraw from the Honors program. There are also rare instances in which the student’s essay falls below the specified standards for the thesis, and “no honors” is voted by the committee. In these cases ARTH 691H and/or 692H will count as ordinary Directed Readings courses (ART 396).

8. Following the oral defense and the completion of any changes required by the committee, the candidate must electronically submit by the last day of classes the Honors Thesis.