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Studio update from MFA alumnus Eric Pickersgill

March 15, 2024

So much has changed for me and the world since my last update. We are now a wild family of five, our amazing kids (Corbin 7, Tessa 4, and Sam 2) have kept me very busy. I love being thier stay at home dad while mom (Angie) serves our city of Charlotte, NC and beyond as a super pediatrician!Below is info about some upcoming events. I am hitting the studio hard and will be sharing new work and updates on a more routine basis.Thanks for sticking around!


Removed, Compiler Pop-Up Series, Barcelona Edition, Nou-StudiosBarcelona, Spain


I’m thrilled to introduce Compiler, a new nonprofit newsroom “launching in 2024 to relentlessly report on the people, institutions and global forces shaping our digital future.” To kick off this exciting launch, Compiler will be hosting an exhibition of my Removed series in Barcelona next week!

If you are in Barcelona you can click here for tickets to the opening celebration.

Purchase the first edition of Compiler here which features selections from my Removed series as well as the newly released Removed photographs I created in India.

Removed, Compiler Pop-Up Series, Austin Edition, Women & Their WorkAustin, TX


Compiler will take over the innovative contemporary art museum Women & Their Work for The Austin Edition during South by Southwest. A special multimedia installation of artist Eric Pickersgill’s work will provide the perfect backdrop for tech policy conversations and to engage, unplug, and reflect.




In 2017 I was invited to expand my Removed series by traveling to India and making photographs in Delhi, Mumbai, Rishikesh, Shillong, and Kolkata. The experience was one of my favorite trips of my life and I shared the several week journey with an extremely dedicated team of filmmakers. When I returned home we hoped to create a feature length film and I learned how challenging it can be to work on such an ambitious project. Although the team and director produced a strong film, we have yet to launch it. I think the work still matters, if not more now than it did then. I stalled the release of these images so that they could be released into the world when the film was. I decided a few months ago that I needed to release these images and so here they are. If you wish to see more you can go here.

Protecting REMOVED

I have been using Pixsy since 2016 to protect my work against theft. Pixsy is scanning the entire web 24/7 for potential illegal use of my photographs. Once found, Pixsy lists the usage on my dashboard and I am able to select whether or not a takedown notice or other legal action needs to be taken. If you feel that your content is being used without your consent I highly recommend creating an account so that you do not have to safeguard your work alone.

For editorial and media requests contact Julie GrahameFor print / exhibition inquiries contact Info@ericpickersgill.comI am currently available for editorial assignment and speaking engagements, please contact for booking information.

All content © 2024, Eric Pickersgill, All rights reserved.My mailing address

PhD Alumnus Daniel Ackermann named director of Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens at MFA-Houston

March 5, 2024

Congratulations to PhD Alumnus Daniel Ackermann, who has just been named director of Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, the house museum for American decorative arts at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  You can find the full announcement at Daniel was previously the curator for the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem.

PhD Candidate Emily DuVall presented at the Middle Atlantic Symposium

March 5, 2024

Congratulations to Emily DuVall, who represented the department at the Middle Atlantic Symposium (co-sponsored by CASVA, the National Gallery of Art, and the University of Maryland) this past weekend of March 1-2, 2024. Emily’s talk, “Visualizing Power: François Ier’s Royal Entries,” presented new research that resulted from travel to France in the Fall of 2023, funded by a Stephens Family Award. Her advisor Tania String was also in attendance to introduce her talk and photographed Emily in action at the Symposium.

Emily DuVall presenting at the Middle Atlantic Symposium in 2024

Art History Graduate Students Rachel Ciampoli and Sydney Herrick presenting at FSU Graduate Symposium

February 29, 2024

The Florida State University Art History faculty and graduate students will host the 40th Annual Art History Graduate Student Symposium on March 1–2, 2024, on their main campus in Tallahassee, FL.

Rachel Ciampoli will be presenting on “‘The Indigenous Posey of the Soil:’ Eastman Johnson’s Maple Sugar Paintings and the Aesthetics of Erasure.”

Between 1861 and 1865, American genre painter Eastman Johnson produced roughly twenty-five oil sketches in preparation for an ultimately unfinished master work depicting New Englanders engaged in the harvest and production of maple sugar. Although hailed during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as a potential domestic cash crop and a wholesome foil to the unsavory politics of cane sugar production, northeastern maple sugar was entangled in contentious Indigenous-settler relationships. Using Sara Ahmed’s theory of “stickiness” as a framework, I argue that Johnson’s sentimental and homogenously White characterization of maple sugaring should be understood in light of the erasure of Native American cultural practices and Johnson’s own relationship to Indigenous communities. Recovering Indigenous associations with the practice of maple sugaring engages in the very process of untangling— perhaps unsticking—historical assumptions and perpetuated myths and undermines the integrity of a single-origin narrative, thereby complicating typical expectations of place and people.

Sydney Herrick will be presenting on “Breaking Chains, Forging Beauty: Redefining African Jewelry Design Through the Artistry of Emefa Cole.”

Within prevailing art historical discourse, contemporary African jewelry remains overlooked, primarily due to long histories of exoticization and jewelry’s association with craft. This paper focuses on the work of British-Ghanian jewelry designer Emefa Cole, examining how her utilization of sticky materials, referential designs, and diverse display methods disrupts these conventional paradigms and position her work as fertile ground for exploring critical theoretical frameworks like Afrofuturism and Black Futurity. This paper positions contemporary African jewelry as a medium ripe for in-depth art historical and theoretical investigation, highlighting a significant void in the field and advocating for a renewed emphasis on jewelry as an autonomous art form capable of enhancing broader understandings of art, culture, and individual expression

Alumnus Michael Bramwell Moderating MFA Boston Symposium in May

February 19, 2024

Alumnus Michael Bramwell, who is MFA Boston’s Joyce Linde Curator of Folk and Self-taught Art, is moderating a symposium on “New Discourses on Folk and Self-Taught Art.” See below for more details:

Sam Doyle, Jackie Robinson (detail), about 1983. Paint on found, weathered, corrugated roofing tin. M. Theresa B. Hopkins Fund, Harry Wallace Anderson Fund, and Robert Jordan Fund.
Sam Doyle, Jackie Robinson (detail), about 1983. Paint on found, weathered, corrugated roofing tin. M. Theresa B. Hopkins Fund, Harry Wallace Anderson Fund, and Robert Jordan Fund.

Thursday, May 23, 2024
6:00 pm–7:30 pm
Barbara and Theodore Alfond Auditorium (Auditorium G36)
Ticket Required

Join us for a symposium bringing together leading art experts to explore new definitions for folk and self-taught art in the 21st century. Explore how the equitable integration of art into museums promotes cultural competency by deepening appreciation for art and people from diverse backgrounds.


Dr. Gabrielle H. Berlinger, folklorist and associate professor of American Studies and Folklore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kinshasha H. Conwill, deputy director emerita, Smithsonian National Museum of American History and Culture
Jori FinkelNew York Times writer and American art critic
Lonnie B. Holley, American artist

Moderated by Michael J. Bramwell, Joyce Linde Curator of Folk and Self-taught Art

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Assistive listening system

Wheelchair accessible symbol

Wheelchair accessible

Lunder Institute at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Lunder Institute @ the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, was made possible through the support and partnership of the Lunder Institute for American Art, the Colby College Museum of Art.

Generously supported by the Joyce Linde Endowment for Folk Art.

Faculty Member Dan Sherman on Panel discussing Anti-Fascism and Avant Garde Movements

February 6, 2024

In advance of the new annual Reckford Lecture in European Studies, join faculty from Art History and Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures for a panel discussion on (Anti-)Fascism and Avant Garde Movements! The event is on February 15, 2024, at 5:30 pm in Toy Lounge of Dey Hall. Refreshments to follow.

Professor Dan Sherman will be representing our department on the panel and speaking about Italian futurism and the so-called “return to order” in France after WW1, with emphasis on Le Corbusier.

Studio Art Undergraduate Scholarship winners

January 31, 2024

Congratulations to Our Scholarship Recipients!

The winners of the Studio Art Undergraduate Scholarships have been chosen.

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients:

The Alexander Julian Prize
Qiaoan Gu

The Anderson Undergraduate Studio Award
Marin Carr-Quimet

The George and Joyce Kachergis Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship
Isabella Gamez
Isabel Schomburger
Charlotte Allsbrook
Cora Mcanulty
Grace Fei
Hope Mutter

The Johnathan E. Sharpe Scholarship
Timothy Anderson
Lashayla Stephens
Briar Rose
Naari Short

Award Letters will be Forthcoming