Location: 214 Hanes Art Center
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00

Contact Information:
JJ Bauer, Visual Resources Curator

The Department of Art’s Visual Resources Library houses a teaching collection of more than 230,000 slides, 60,000 digital images, as well as flatbed, oversize, and film/slide scanners and computers with specialized image-processing software such as Photoshop, Gigipan Stitch, and Agisoft Photoscan. The facility is entirely funded by the Department of Art, and its primary purpose is to serve the teaching needs of Department of Art faculty. Undergraduates and graduate students are permitted to use collection materials, equipment and software for some projects, and others may use the collection with the permission of the Visual Resources Curator. Because there are many patrons of the collection, the guidelines that follow have been established specifically to serve and protect the needs of our teaching faculty in the Department of Art.

VRL Policies

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The Visual Resources Library’s extensive digital collections, 60,000 images and growing, can be found as part of the UNC hosted collections on ARTstor, located at www.artstor.org. The VRL offers additional training and support for using ARTstor in the classroom and in research. Please contact the Visual Resources Curator for further assistance with utilizing ARTstor.