This award was established in 1979 by the Department of Art. It is given annually to the undergraduate who, in the opinion of the faculty committee, has done the most outstanding work in art history.

Past Winners

2007: Emily Guerry
2006: Jordan Robbins & Alexandra T. Dodson
2005: Jonathan Westleigh Harmon
2004: Rachel Emily Gurlitz
2003: Katherine Darden Lilley
2002: Not given
2001: Emma Barbara-Evelyn Cryer
2000: Natacha Maria Dockery
1999: Carlie Selbo Sigel
1998: Heidi Tomoko Ozama
1997: Christopher Nathan Trotman
1996: Lindsey Clark Frallic
1995: Laura Paige Derbenwick
1994: Melaine Ann Leight, Jane Rothrock Shippen
1993: Amy Ruth Buchanan, Meredith Turner Kay
1992: Not given
1991: Stephanie Elisabeth Von Isenburg
1990: Clay Bernardin Thorp
1989: Mark Hamilton Rogers
1988: Toby Avram Jurovics
1987: Michelle Elaine Barger
1986: Macon Cheek Toledano
1985: Louise Melchor Gilbert
1984: Not given
1983: Mary Elizabeth Searle
1982: Doane Kathryn Motsinger
1981: Deborah Ward Bedford
1980: Linda Marie Cabe
1979: Harriet Annabel Whelchel