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Joy Drury Cox – Spring 2021 Studio Updates

Launch F18 10 Years

10 Years at Launch F18

March 6 – April 3, 2021
373 Broadway, Suite 618 New York, NY

Online Viewing Room
March 19 – April 30, 2021

LAUNCH F18 is delighted to present a special exhibition and viewing room, LAUNCH F18: 10 Years. This unique presentation features a selection of artworks highlighting the many collaborations and exhibitions the gallery has organized over the past 10 years. This unique retrospective features work by: Noah Becker, Katie Bell, Katherine Bradford, Chiaozza, Sam Cockrell, Joy Drury Cox, David Deutsch, Nathan Dilworth, Omari Douglin, Andrej Dubravsky, Matt Ducklo, Austin Eddy, B.D. Graft, Meena Hasan, Richard Jacobs, Insil Jang, Tommy Kha, Elisabeth Kley, Sean Lamoureux, Gracelee Lawrence, Erika Mahr, Chason Matthams, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Jack Pierson, Frankie Rice, Didi Rojas, Rachael Tarravechia, Taylor O. Thomas, Hank Willis Thomas, Nelo Vinuesa and Bradford Willingham.

LAUNCH F18: 10 Years will feature a selection of works (both at our New York location and in online viewing room) from gallery artists as well as artists who have made valuable contributions to the program over the past 10 years.

For more information and a preview of this viewing room please email

Twenty-Five TypewritersTwenty-Five TypewritersTwenty-Five Typewriters
Published by No Press 
Edited by Derek Beaulieu

Twenty-Five Typewriters brings together 25 exciting poets each exhibiting a different perspective on the typewriter as a compositional tool.

This publication features work by Charles Bernstein, Ege Berensel, bill bissett, Amaranth Borsuk, Judith Copithorne, Joy Drury Cox, Brian Dedora, Paul Dutton, Amanda Hurtado, Nasser Hussain, Karl Kempton, Dirk Krecker, Brandon Locher, bpNichol, Lina Nordenstrom, Astra Papachristodoulou, Fatima Queiroz, petra schulze-wollgast, Dani Spinosa, Kevin Stebner, Hiromi Suzuki, Barrie Tullett, CDN Warren, Sam Winston, and Julia Ziegler.

Prone and Plumb exhibition view

My solo exhibition, Prone and Plumb opened March 5, 2020 at Asphodel in Brooklyn, NY.

I am so grateful that I was able to attend the opening of this exhibition and see so many old friends and colleagues. Sadly, due to COVID-19, this exhibition went largely unseen as the city shutdown. All the works and installation images are now available to view on my website.

From the exhibition press release:
Prone carries the weight of physical pain—immovable, exhausted—often following a substantial expression of energy. Plumb, on the other hand is upright, energetic—though ultimately enervating. In three new series of drawings, Joy Drury Cox represents this pair of semantic antipodes as palindromic conceptual drawings, exercising what the artist terms “line dialectics.” Cox’s interdisciplinary artistic practice includes drawing, artist’s books, texts, and photography. Her works consider mapping, making, measuring, and marking and their variables roles in the politics of labor and the structures of everyday life.

Silk flowers in a chain-link fence

The past year has been incredibly difficult for so many people in so many different ways.

I sincerely hope this email finds you happy, healthy, and safe. I am grateful for your continued support and interest in my work.


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