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Happy Earth Day

I’d like to share with you, what makes my heart grow, during what I call the “lifting of the veil.” Celebrate this day, and everyday quite frankly, by giving where you can, and receiving where you need. Infinite abundance is all around us, and we are here to figure out how to share and receive it all, together. What will you seed, during our biggest opportunity yet, to come together? …and what will you let go of, that no longer serves you, that no longer serves us?

If your call is to seed more pause during this global shabbat, to understand the depth of sadness, of pain, of mortality, of ah-ha moments, of silence; then allow yourself to listen, just listen, and discern for yourself how to simply BE. Wherever we are is exactly where we are to BE.

First, is a new sound commission, titled Coancoannamed after the Cofán “trickster” spirit of legends, or what I call the “cosmic joke.” I recorded this during the first half of March, in the Ecuadorean Amazon. I am grateful to have made it home before flights were halted, with only 10 minutes to spare. I had little idea about what was happening while I was off the grid, but believe my spirit tends to place me into such experiences to share what is possible. This piece manifested during such a powerful time. The earth is quieter than it has ever been, during any of our lives, even on an infrasonic level – an opportunity to listen, to really listen. Both a 10 minute binaural excerpt of the 24-hour sound piece, and an impromptu conversation with Gordon Hempton are accessible on the project page, where we speak about listening, giving, taking, vulnerability and fear.

Second, a small team and myself continue to work on ode to Heisenberg + De Maria. I am thankful for the continued support in building this project (see credits half way down the project page). I don’t know how this piece will manifest, but my heart continues to create what I believe in. The spark of its creation was driven by the potential impact of understanding and the embodiment of non-linear time/networks – systems akin to fungi.

Third, is a commission, titled Plant Waves, which was created for the medicinal garden, at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I hope this finds you tending your internal gardens.

Last, I share with you a few favorite personal resources to help artists, the Cofán, Quiet Parks International and the estimated 16.7 million undocumented workers AND those living in mixed immigration homes, who will not have access to the CARES Act stimulus check, in the United States. If you can give or need to receive, click on logos below OR do a simple search within your community.

Let us write our new normal, together, so we can play on! …and to close out, written by a friend, a love letter from your fear, so as to “stop posing as divine creatures; decide to become them again instead…in a fluid and polycentric world.”

Envisioning our health, our new creations to steer us together and a deep connection to all potential that is within you,
Alyssa Miserendino

Garza-cocha lake, Ecuador, photo by Nick McMahan

portrait above: Garza-cocha lake, Ecuador ©Nick McMahan

Alyssa Miserendino

107 Hill Street

CarrboroNC 27510

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