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In September of 2019, Removed went viral AGAIN which led to some international travel, a ton of new media coverage and publications, as well as the spark for some exhibitions and collaborations. Below is a recap of last year as well as what to expect this year. The greatest news is that Angie and I are expecting our second child this month! Additionally, Angie completes her pediatrics residency this summer so it’s going to be a very big year. Thanks so much for your support and please check in with me if we haven’t spoken in a while. It’d be nice to know what’s happening with you as well.

Exhibitions – Current and Past

Dear Human Performance by Tiffany Shlain / The Museum of Modern Art

New York, NY

I was very excited to provide images from my Removed series for the spoken cinema performance world premiere of Dear Human by Tiffany Shlain at MoMA last weekend. “This live cinematic essay-performance takes the audience on a journey across the past, present, and future of the relationship between humanity and technology. Incorporating live narration, moving images, original animation, an evocative soundscape, and audience engagement, Dear Human invites the audience to think about how technology both amplifies and amputates our humanity, and how to make sure we stay human in this 24/7 culture.”


Tucson, AZ

“This exhibition celebrating the legacies of LIGHT (1971-1987), a significant early photography gallery, focuses on characteristics identified by those who visited, worked, showed, and were impacted by the gallery.” The exhibition curated by Rebecca Senf, Ph.D., Chief Curator, included several works from the archives of CCP as well as works from contemporary galleries who have been dramatically influenced by LIGHT. Rick Wester of Rick Wester Fine Art being one of them provided this piece from Removed as well as works by Christopher Colville, Lilly McElroy, Donna Ruff, and Cassandra Zampini. The exhibition is open now through Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hello, Robot. Design Between Human and Machine – V&A Dundee

Dundee, Scotland

Once again, pieces from Removed are finding their way into another country. The exhibition HELLO, ROBOT. DESIGN BETWEEN HUMAN AND MACHINE just closed on February 9th, 2020 in Dundee, Scotland. The exhibition was also on display in Lisbon, Portugal from January 23 – April 22, 2019 at Museum Art Architecture Technology.

Time After Time / QUAID Gallery

Tampa, Florida

Last summer I had a piece from my House Sitters project in a group show in Tampa at QUAID Gallery. I wasn’t able to make the opening but I had some of my South Florida family make an appearance for me.

REMOVED / Hillsboro Library

Hillsboro, OR

Ten Pieces from Removed were on exhibit at the Hillsboro Library in October of 2019. The library paired several events and readings with the exhibition which allowed for numerous groups to engage with the work.

Look Up Pop Up / Palette

San Francisco, CA

Palm teamed up with Blloc phone to put together a special one-day-only event to talk to people about the effects that our digital technologies are having on our behavior, psychology and overall well being. Featuring acclaimed speakers such as Dr. Nicholas Karadas and Tiffany Shlain, the day was filled with enlightening, and at times, frightening insights on the reality of spending too much time on our digital devices.

New Representation

In January I was invited to Shanghai where I formally began my partnership with Shanghai Zhutu Culture Media Co,. Ltd. They will be tasked with representing my work across mainland China for publishing, licensing, exhibitions, and copyright protection.

Select Press and Publications

We have had a flood of media attention since last summer. It is evident that my photographs continue to move people. I couldn’t have managed if it weren’t for the extremely hard work and dedication of Julie Grahame my agent, manager, friend, and kick-ass photo consultant. She always goes to bat for me I can’t thank her enough for all that she does. If you are looking for help getting your projects recognized, edited, organized, strategized, or want help with licensing, contracts, or other usage-based questions, you owe it to yourself to send Julie an email.

National Geographic Poland
Slow Scroll

For editorial and media requests contact Julie Grahame
For print/exhibition inquiries contact

I am currently available for editorial assignment and speaking engagements, please contact for booking information.

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