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Ph.D. candidate Carlee Forbes will be giving a talk at the SERSAS conference on campus this weekend. In addition to the conference, on Friday, there will be a showing of a film by a Ugandan filmmaker– it promises to be quite the viewing experience. The film is free and open to anyone, it starts at 7pm in the Nelson Mandela Auditorium in the Fed Ex Global Center. More information about Carlee’s Talk and the film screening below.

SERSAS/SEAN Conference Spring 2019 –

Spring 2019 SERSAS/SEAN Conference. African Technologies and Creativity: Innovation in Times of Uncertainty The Southeastern Regional Seminar in African Studies (SERSAS) and the SouthEast Africanist Network (SEAN) are pleased to announce a joint conference to be hosted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on Friday evening and Saturday, February 8-9, 2019 at the Fedex Global …

Carlee’s talk:

Panel: Current Trends in Graduate Student Africanist Research at UNC

Paper: “From Goat’s Eyes to Bee Stings: Early 20th century Congolese raffia mat motifs and Jeanne Maquet-Tombu’s design albums.”

Saturday, February 9, 10:45am-12:15pm (Carlee’s paper is first)

Room: Fed Ex Global Education Center, 1005

A brief essay published in the inaugural 1939 edition of Brousse shares the local names and translations of several raffia mat motifs from the Yombe region in the west of the Belgian Congo. In just a few short paragraphs, Jeanne Maquet-Tombu’s enthusiasm for the material leaps from the page. As one of the leaders of the newly formed Association des Amis de l’Art indigène, Jeanne Maquet-Tombu advocated for and promoted artistic activities in the Belgian Congo. This paper addresses Maquet-Tombu’s interest in and documentation of Congolese raffia mats created in the 1930s, placing the mats, their artists, and their patrons in a wider historical context.


Her Broken Shadow
A Film by Ugandan Director Dilman Dila
Friday, February 8, 2019, Time: 7pm
FedEx Global Education Center, Nelson Mandela Auditorium, UNC-CH
Dilman Dila is a prolific writer, filmmaker, digital artist, and self-described “all-round storyteller” who addresses contemporary social and environmental issues in and beyond his home country, Uganda. Having established himself in Uganda as a television writer and director–notably with the well regarded short film What Happened in Room 13(2013)–he first attracted international attention with his collection of speculative short stories, A Killing In the Sun (2014, Black Letter Media). He has explored science fiction themes further in several other works, including the digital artworks on display this month at the African Studies Center. Futuristic technology often makes an invasive, sinister appearance in Dila’s stories. His feature film, Her Broken Shadow (2014), will have its second U.S. showing here at UNC. Shot in extreme low-light conditions on a budget of about $5000, the film is an experimental sci-fi meditation on loneliness and claustrophobia. One reviewer characterized it as “a sophisticated piece of metafiction that crosses Philip K. Dick with Samuel Beckett.” The film will be shown at UNC as part of the SERSAS/SEAN Spring Meeting, happening Feb. 8-9 in the Global Education Center. The film screening is free and open to the public.   Free.   Please Contact: Stacey Sewall for more information.

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