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The Wild

Leah Sobsey, Joy Meyer and Jeff Whetstone

Each of these videos reveal a unique interaction between humans and The Wild through observation, interaction, experience or memory. These explorations not only document the footprint humanity leaves on the environment, but also the connection to nature.

Located at Market Plaza in downtown Raleigh

March 1 – June 27, 2018

On view each evening at dusk and each First Friday

Leah Sobsey, Murmuration
HD video, color 5:02 minutes

With a focus on preserving fragile natural specimens, Sobsey calls attention to threatened indigenous species. Her art and anthropology background and her love of stories have become tools to artfully map and investigate her own history, and now that of others.

Joy Meyer, The Wilderness
HD video, stereo sound, color 4:03 minutes

The Wilderness is a meditation on the relationship of place to human emotion. As we revisit a site, our standing memory becomes scripted with new memory, in this view a site can become a depository of stray feelings that accumulate but simultaneously dissipate.

Jeff Whetstone, Drawing E. obsoleta
HD video transferred from 16mm film 8:24 minutes

Among the dense forest of central North Carolina, the artist uses photography and video to explore the connections between man, nature, and masculinity. You see these themes emerge in his video Drawing E.Obsoleta, which shows Whetstone wrangling a black rat snake (or E. obsoleta, its Latin name) in an attempt to use the snake’s body to draw the landscape in which it lives.


Raleigh Art’s Block2 Video Series is a visual platform for video, digital and new media artists. Viewed after dark, the changing videos aim to expand a viewer’s notion of what visual art is and introduce the community to new artists, ideas, and experimental mediums. Block2 is an extension of the Miriam Preston Block Gallery, which showcases changing exhibitions of local artists in the Raleigh Municipal Building. The sculptural projection screen, titled “Sway”, was designed and fabricated by Raleigh public artists Matt McConnell. Cary-based AVCON, Inc., an audio-visual engineering/design firm provided the expertise and equipment for projecting large-scale imagery.

The Block2 Video Series aims to create an environment for visual splendor. We hope you will take a moment to look, listen and enjoy.

The Wild is presented by Raleigh Arts, a division of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources. The City of Raleigh and the Office of Raleigh Arts gratefully acknowledge First Citizens Bank’s partnership and support of Block2. For more information about Block2 and the Raleigh Arts, go to

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