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The below pictures are courtesy of Jack Watson, whose Chapel Hill High School art class enjoyed a visit with Liz Magic Laser, our Hanes Visiting Artist, on 16 September 2014. Here is what Jack had to say:

“It was an incredible experience for my students (and myself) and the repercussions are still being felt.  Liz, your work has really resonated with some of the students on some deep levels, and I am surprised a bit by which students connected with you the most (although I should learn not to be surprised by this group anymore).

We are deep into our unit on public space and socially-engaged art right now.  After your visit, Liz, we had a rich conversation about intent, function and the spectator/participant’s role in generating meaning.  Also, several mentioned that they have learned to take comfort in ambiguities – they came to this conclusion in the way you spoke about your more politically-centered pieces.  It will be very interesting to see how this all of this informs their work.”

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