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Oliver Herring: TASK, recently released by University Galleries of Illinois State University, features images from the UNC TASK Party that took place on 20 March 2010 and includes an essay by Art Department Assistant Professor and TASK Party organizer Cary Levine. TASK documents a burgeoning phenomenon begun in 2002 by artist Oliver Herring, who developed TASK as a self-generating, improvisational gathering in which a community engages in a collaborative art-making event. Using cardboard, tape, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, markers and other materials, participants follow a simple set of rules: write a task for someone to perform, then randomly select a task to perform yourself (e.g. “Use cardboard mailing tubes to make a symphony;” “Form a conga line;” “Create a crime scene”). The cycle continues, task building upon task, as people share new ways to develop ideas and solve problems.

Congratulations Cary and all of the UNC Art Department family who participated in the TASK party!

Additional UNC images from the book:




















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