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Congratulations to Susan Harbage Page on receiving the 2011 Carolina Women’s Center Faculty Women’s Advocacy Award! Established by the CWC in 2001, the Women’s Advocacy Award recognizes UNC faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholars or students who have made a substantial contribution through leadership in advocating for women. Their choice of Susan, according to the CWC “speaks powerfully about your creative work and its contributions to highlighting and addressing women’s issues, your dedication to mentoring undergraduate women art students, and your success in designing courses that highlight the work of women artists in various ways.”The award will be presented by Associate Provost Carol Tresolini on Wednesday, 20 April 2011, 6:00 pm, in Chapman 125, preceding a lecture by Gail Dines.Image credit: White Box Performance, White Box and Susan Harbage Page, White Box, 12″ x 12”, December 9, 2010

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