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ART/CLAR 262 Classical Greek and Hellenistic Art

MWF 9:00-9:50 am, Hanes Art Center 218

This course examines the development of Greek art and architecture from the fifth through the first centuries B.C.E. An introduction will be given to the forerunners of the Classical and Hellenistic tradition from the Geometric, Orientalizing, and Archaic periods (ca. 900-480 B.C.E.). We will discuss Greek and Hellenistic art not only in terms of style and development, but also with respect to its context, from its original setting to its political, religious, and socio-historical background. Consideration will also be given to current art historical and archaeological practices, with an emphasis on developing skills necessary to identify, analyze, and discuss works of art and architecture.

Taught by Professor Katherine Rice.

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