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The above photo, courtesy Cary Levine, was featured as part of the article “You’re Engaged!” by Barbara Pollack on pages 85-87 of ARTnewsfor January 2011. The image shows UNC students Mark Ward, Lydia McCarthy and Ray Padron, among others, participating in a TASK party on March 10, 2010 on the UNC campus, organized by Cary Levine, Assistant Professor in the Art Department, and artist Oliver Herring during Herring’s residency as part of the Hanes Visiting Artist program. The article explores the difficulties inherent in defining, displaying and collecting participatory art and includes quotes from Herring about his increasingly self-sustaining TASK project.The online text of the article (without the photo, alas) is available here.Oliver Herring’s TASK project website (without an update including our March TASK party, alas) is available here.

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