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Glaire D. Anderson
Associate Professor, Early/medieval Islamic art & architecture; Iberia and North Africa
Affiliated faculty, Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program; Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East & Muslim Civilizations

John Bowles
Associate Professor
African American art
Feminist and critical race theory

Christoph Brachmann
Mary H. Cain Distinguished Professor
European Art 1100-1650, European Architecture

Eduardo Douglas
Associate Professor

Pika Ghosh
Associate Professor

Cary Levine
Associate Professor
Contemporary Art

Wei-Cheng Lin
Associate Professor
Buddhist art and architecture
Chinese mortuary art
Historiography of East Asian art

Carol Magee
Associate Professor
African art
Critical and post colonial theory
Affiliated Faculty, Curriculum in International and Area Studies

Mary Pardo
Associate Professor

Victoria L. Rovine
Associate Professor

Mary Sheriff
W.R. Kenan, Jr. Distinguished Professor of Art History
Director of Graduate Studies
Affiliated Faculty, Curriculum in Women’s Studies
Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century European Arts
Critical Theory Past and Present
Women’s and Gender Studies; Feminist Theory

Daniel Sherman
Lineberger Distinguished Professor of Art History and History
European Art 1850-1960
Critical Museum Studies
Cultural History and Theory

Tatiana C. String
Associate Professor
European Art, 1400-1700
Masculinity and Gender Studies
Undergraduate Adviser and Honors Adviser for Art History

Mary Sturgeon
Professor, Adjunct Professor of Classics
Greek and Roman Art
Archaic Greek Sculpture
Hellenistic Greek Sculpture

Dorothy Hoogland Verkerk
Associate Professor
Late Antiquity, Carolingian, Celtic Cultures

Lyneise Williams
Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies for Art History

Jennifer J Bauer
Visual Resources Curator

Adjunct Faculty

Carolyn Allmendinger
Educator for University Audiences, Ackland Art Museum

John Coffey
Deputy Director for Art
Curator of American and Modern Art, North Carolina Museum of Art

Bernard L. Herman
George Tindall Professor of American Studies

Peter Nisbet
Chief Curator, Ackland Art Museum
A leading expert in Russian and German art of the twentieth century, he has organized several major international traveling exhibitions on European art between the wars. His publications focus on Russian and Soviet Modernism, El Lissitzky, German modernism, contemporary art, and issues of museum history, theory, and practice. He has taught courses in all these areas at Harvard University and Wellesley College. Before coming to the Ackland Art Museum in 2009, he was Daimler-Benz Curator of the Busch-Reisinger Museum/Harvard Art Museums. Nisbet holds a BA and MA from Cambridge University and a PhD in the History of Art from Yale University.

Faculty Emeritus

Jaroslav Folda

Arthur Marks